A VERY nice compliment

We attended a very nice wedding show at one of my favorite local wedding venues, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, this weekend. The weather was too nice so there was not a great turnout, but I did have the opportunity to meet some very nice brides.

One other person did show up towards the end of the day…. a very nice young lady who was with her 5 year old daughter. She said she had sort of tricked her boyfriend into coming…. and spent a lot of time talking about loving wedding cakes and blogging….

So today she sent me a link to her blog with some oh so very nice things to say….

So thank you Jade for the nice comments….

Click here to see Jade’s Blog

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Chuck Eaton is an experienced luxury wedding photojournalist based out of Charlotte, NC and shooting throughout the world. We love what we do and the clients who let us do it. We provide exclusive fine art portraiture and documentary wedding photography while having fun doing it!
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