Bridget and David at St. Sarkis Church

What a cool couple and Jason and I were very lucky to be a small part of their big day!

Here’s a few images from the wedding!


or to see the mini movie click on the start button below!

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About Chuck Eaton

Chuck Eaton is an experienced luxury wedding photojournalist based out of Charlotte, NC and shooting throughout the world. We love what we do and the clients who let us do it. We provide exclusive fine art portraiture and documentary wedding photography while having fun doing it!
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6 Responses to Bridget and David at St. Sarkis Church

  1. Melanie Correia says:

    What a beautiful job on the photos and the mini movie!!

  2. dan popey says:

    It was a very nice wedding! I hope, Bridget, that you adjust well to your new married life. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. You were a beautiful bride and look happy on your big day. Papoo

  3. Latara says:

    I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! lol…. Bridget your were stunning! Your family is so beautiful. I wish you and your new husband the best!

  4. Nekeyha Davis says:

    That was just beautiful! Marriage is such a wonderful union! Congrats!!!!

  5. Doug Creager says:

    Dude, who is that stunning groomsman? Think his name is Shane Caldwell, total stud. Also, the studliest guy in the wedding was the head usher, me, Doug Creager…better recognize G funk

  6. kimbo says:

    Hey watching this brought tears to my eyes… I love you both….

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