Karen and Kurt at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

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About Chuck Eaton

Chuck Eaton is an experienced luxury wedding photojournalist based out of Charlotte, NC and shooting throughout the world. We love what we do and the clients who let us do it. We provide exclusive fine art portraiture and documentary wedding photography while having fun doing it!
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3 Responses to Karen and Kurt at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

  1. Kay Lemon says:

    Some awesome pictures! A great wedding, a great place and two great people beginning another piece of their lives together! Nothing more beautiful than a Dad giving away his only daughter! Chuck you did an amazing job! Thanks! Mom Lemon

  2. Kay Lemon says:

    Now that I found out that I only saw afew of the photos and have clicked on the arrow and saw the slide show all I can say is Chuck your work is suberb. The faces and expressions are priceless and every photo is to be treasured forever! What a fantastic piece you put together for everyone to enjoy! Brought tears to my eyes and joy in my heart to see how happy Karen and Kurt look. May they have many very special years together. Mom and Dad Lemon

  3. Terri Kriel Peters says:

    I have found you after all these years. You are so beautiful! It brings tears to my eyes to see you since it’s the first time I have seen you in 20 years or forever! Makes me realize how much I miss you. Congratulations to you on your beautiful wedding. You were breathtaking!!! Hi to Kurt too! Let’s get in touch with one another when you have time. Love you!

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