Meghan and Kevin at St. Mary’s Chapel

With all the smiles at the wedding, no wonder no one cared that the bride was a few moments late…

Make sure you check out the mini-movie at the end!


























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7 Responses to Meghan and Kevin at St. Mary’s Chapel

  1. Marybeth Conrad says:

    Meghan is the most beautiful bride ever! And Kevin – the best lookin’, cutest groom ever! The pictures are able to show the love and happiness between Meghan and Kevin. The slide show brought back those tears of joy, shed a week ago. (Mikaela crying at the chapel is priceless)
    I think I need more of these, they captured and now vividly refresh the wedding of Kevin and Meghan

  2. Dan DuVall says:

    Are Meghan and Kevin two of the prettiest people you have every seen, or what!

    Your wedding was grand.


    P.S. I have got to be one of the luckiest guys around I got Meghan and Kevin as neighbors. Yahooooooo!

  3. Uncle James says:

    Looks like a wedding in Camelot!

    Kevin & Meghan…thank you. You are a beautiful couple surrounded by a beautiful family.

  4. Laura says:

    OMG – Meghan & Kevin – these photos are absolutely fabulous!!! They captured the fun and love of all and I am sooo impressed. What a wonderful day, wonderful couple and hopeful future. So proud to say we were there and saw the whole thing.

    We are very proud of you both!

    Love, Laura

  5. wendy says:

    what an awesome memory of a beautiful wedding. Kevin how did you get so lucky. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I just love how you can see the love in your eyes you have for one another. See you soon!!

  6. Stevie says:

    So… i have to tell you this was by far the best wedding i’ve ever seen. And i cried when i watched the slide show!!! you can tell you guys are genuinely happy together and i wish you both the best until death do you part (not for a very long time of course : } ) i’m so happy for you guys!… so when are we going to see babies!?!? lol i was going to bring nathan to see you guys but didnt know if theres a grudge because of juan but i would LOVE to see you guys i miss you!

  7. Sue Bartlett says:

    What beautiful photos! They brought back all the koy of the day. You two were one of the happiest newlyweds ever. Have a wonderful life!

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