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Omni Charlotte {Rupal and Naman} Ritz Carlton Charlotte Hindu Wedding Photographer

When Naman first saw the elegant and beautiful Rupal, he was captivated by her.

The couple met in Boston, at a friend’s birthday party. Rupal, an optometrist brimming with bubbly enthusiasm and sweetness, was impressed by the handsome Naman. Naman, a striking and intelligent entrepreneur, felt drawn to Rupal. As the couple spent more time together, their attraction deepened.

Naman realized he had met the love of his life. So he created a wedding proposal (with a lot of help from the bride’s sister, Priya!) that Rupal would treasure for the rest of her life.

Using the skills he honed as a successful businessman, he used teamwork and planning to create Rupal’s fairytale proposal. Rupal’s sister, Priya, helped so much with the planning that the couple’s friends jokingly called Priya the secondary bride! But with Priya as his accomplice, Naman planned Rupal’s surprise proposal for the holidays, and it was spectacular.

A few days before Thanksgiving, Naman told Rupal he could not spend the holiday with her because of “an unexpected business trip.”

Rupal, needless to say, was extremely upset.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,” Rupal said. “Food, shopping, family — what’s not to love?”

Resigned to a holiday without Naman, she planned to spend the holiday with family and go shopping with her friend Anisha on Black Friday. Instead of getting up at 8 p.m., as planned, she was awakened at 4:30 a.m. and handed a pink envelope with a message inside…

Minutes later, Rupal’s suitcase was was packed and her friend Neha drove her to the airport. Once they arrived, Rupal’s friend Anisha gave Rupal a second envelope.

“This message was accompanied by first-class airline tickets to MIAMI!” Rupal said. “After a very relaxed flight (that may or may not have included refreshing mimosas,) I landed in Miami, where I received a third envelope.”

Waiting at baggage claim, ready to sneak up from behind and surprise her were her sister Priya and her best friend, Maisha! The friends were excited and had already planned the entire day for Rupal. Once they arrived at their hotel, Rupal received her fourth envelope.

Since she had been woken up at 4:30 a.m. for a surprise plane trip and had to get ready in a hurry, she arrived in her room to find a gorgeous dress, shoes and jewelry already picked out and ready for her to wear. The friends headed to the Fontainebleau for a spa day.

“Nails, champagne and girl talk — what more does a girl need?” Rupal said. Rupal’s friends “suggested” that next they should all get dressed up, have a photo shoot at the beach and have brunch. So, they headed back to the hotel to change when Rupal got her fifth message.

This message came with a stunning dress, Michael Kors shoes and more gorgeous jewelry.

“Swoon!” Rupal said. “Who doesn’t love a man with good taste? (Okay, maybe he head help from a certain sister along the way!)”

When the girls stepped outside, a limousine awaited to take Rupal and her friends to the beach. Finally, as they arrived and began taking a few pictures by the ocean, the girls asked Rupal to keep walking and handed her the final envelope.

Soothed by the refreshing breezes and lapping ocean waves, Rupal looked up to see her beloved Naman, standing in the sand, tuxedo and all!

“As I walked up to him, he got on one knee and gave the most heart-melting proposal speech,” Rupal said. “There were tears, there were laughs, and obviously, I said ‘YES!'”

One year later, the wedding was just as joyous and beautifully planned.

“It was a jam-packed week full of emotion, smiles and tons of fun,” Rupal said. “Everything from our vendors to the venue made our wedding unique and our special day possible. We had an awesome group of people helping to make our day so wonderful. However, more than anything, what made our wedding unique
were the amazing family and friends who came to celebrate with us. We had three nights packed with parties, and 450 dancing people created an epic wedding weekend.

“We kicked it off with a spooky blast: a Halloween party for our friends. It was a great time for everyone to meet and got the weekend started right.

“On Friday, we began the more traditional Indian ceremonies with various religious ceremonies. The night ended with the Sangeet, where our friends performed some amazing (and hilarious) dances.

“Saturday morning was a morning to remember. For the Baarat (the bridegroom’s wedding procession,) more than 200 people danced their way through the streets of Charlotte in a crazy winter storm. The wedding ceremony itself took place in the gorgeous Ritz Carlton Urban Garden, and was followed by a decadent lunch with some amazing desserts.

“A couple of hours later, the real celebreation began. The reception was an incredible party that lasted nearly seven hours. There was dancing, some amazing speeches, more dancing, out-of-this-world Indian food, and some amazing cupcakes. It was possibly one of the best parties ever! Our wedding weekend was a whirlwind of fun, excitement and love.”

For their honeymoon, Naman and Rupal spent a week in beautiful Anguilla in the Caribbean.

“We enjoyed pristine beaches at some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, and the food was out of this world,” Rupal recalled blissfully.

The proposal was magical, the wedding was amazing and the reception was wonderful. But those things aren’t what Rupal treasures most about her storybook proposal and wedding weekend.

“The best thing about my wedding was marrying my best friend,” Rupal said. “Of course, I also loved celebrating with everyone who is near and dear to us. Oh, and the cupcakes!”

Photography: Chuck Eaton and Erin Kranz for Chuck Eaton Photographers
Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Ayesha Mian
Hairstylist/makeup for wedding: Neeta Patel- Belladev Studio
Cake: Ella’s Celestial Cakes
Flowers & Decor: Rahma Zaghari -Carolina Wedding Belle
Wedding Outfit: Traditional Lengha by Designer: Anamika Khanna
Wedding Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Reception Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Tuxedos: Designed by Acustom Apparel
Engagement/Wedding ring Designer: Tacori
Invitations/Stationery: Mira Malhotra- Mumbai
Ceremony location: Ritz Carlton- Urban Garden Downtown Charlotte
Caterers: Nishal Sethi- Bombay Grille
Reception location: Grand Ballroom- Omni Hotel Downtown Charlotte
Photo booth: Snapster Booth
DJ : Dj Desi-Amit Vasi
Chair rentals: Carolina’s Luxury Events
Wedding night hotel/inn: Ritz Carlton Downtown Charlotte]
Bachelor party location/activity: South Beach, Miami
Bachelorette party location/activity: Las Vegas
Specialty gifts/favors: Coasters from India
Transportation provider: Horse- Latta Plantation

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The Loft on Front {Tina and Brad} Wilmington Wedding Photographer

Tina and Brad are truly a match made in heaven.

Tina is a striking, statuesque blonde nurse, whose beauty is absolutely breath-taking. Tina had met Brad many years ago, in Wilmington. Back then, Brad was — as he is now — a popular professional wrestler. He’s known as much for his upbeat attitude and chiseled body as he is for gunning it full-throttle in the ring. Wrestling fans will recognize the Brad the bridegroom as “Lodi,” a fan favorite on the wrestling circuit. Brad also owns a personal training studio in Charlotte, N.C., called Your Flex Appeal.

When Tina met Brad 16 years ago, Brad and Tina had mutual friends. The years passed, and they lost touch.

They reconnected on Facebook, and became reacquainted in Myrtle Beach, where Tina lived. As their feelings for each other deepened, Brad grew to love Tina’s daughter from a previous relationship as much as he loved Tina. Brad, a father himself, has a daughter of his own from a previous relationship, and is also a deeply devoted parent. Tina knew she had met a man who had been tested by life and emerged a winner. Brad had not only wrestled other men in the ring. He had battled the temptations and demons of a life in the public eye. He decided to turn his back on the lesser things, and now just wanted to live his life for God and honor.

Tina knew she had found a warrior worth loving.

“We were discussing friends of mine that met and ‘just knew’ that they had found their soul mate,” Tina said. “We both professed to never thinking such things were possible, but feeling that it had happened between us. We believed that God had made us especially to go with each other. We began discussing marriage and the desire to join together at that moment for a lifetime.”

Brad suggested that he and Tina meet in Wilmington to meet their respective moms, but Brad had also arranged a photo shoot, and Tina happily agreed. She knew that Brad was generous, but she had no idea what gift awaited her during the seaside photo session.

“My daughter was with us, snapping her own pictures and joining in some,” Tina said. “After we took many pictures together, he found a perfect moment to get on his knee on the Wilmington River walk and propose. I excitedly accepted and we continued with our engagement photo shoot as the sun was setting over the water!”

Their wedding was held at a beautiful venue in downtown Wilmington that was built in 1880, The Loft on Front.

“It was both elegant and captured the vintage theme of our day. It boasts modern lighting fixtures and a gorgeous glass room that we utilized for our wedding signature items and such. The wedding day was on the day of an annual triathlon, so when we went out for pictures there were many people cheering and congratulating us, which was pretty cool!” Tina said.

Our caterers, Middle of the Island Catering, pleased with awesome service, great presentation, and delectable food. Our pastor, Matt Barcalow, (from Forest Hill Church in Charlotte) did a fantastic job. I could not have asked for anything better!

“Last but not least, our photographer, Chuck Eaton, was amazing. He served not only shooting great memories, but as a coordinator, handling all the little details and assisting with set up of the venue. Everything was beautiful and perfect and I married the love of my life…the very best part!”

Tina’s daughter Hannah was her maid-of-honor. Brad’s great friend, Dax Joyner, was his best man. Tina and Brad exchanged beautiful rings, which were custom-designed. Her engagement ring was an octagon center diamond, encircled by diamonds. Her wedding band was covered with diamonds, and Brad’s band was made of tungsten, studded with black diamonds.

Tina had poured over Pinterest in the months leading up to her wedding for bridal ideas. She hand-printed her own wedding invitations. For wedding favors, she and Brad took glass heart shaped ornaments and filled them with white snowy filler, then painted LOVE on them and placed a purple ribbon with their name and wedding date.

She made the wedding cake herself, a luscious almond cake with three tiers, butter-cream icing and filling, many purple handmade gum-paste roses and hand-piped designs, finished off with black and white pearl candies. She and her daughter went to Whole foods for their bouquets, and their good friend Suzanne Schmidt arranged the bridal bouquet from a mixture of white roses, tiger lilies, and other small flowers to make a beautiful mixed bouquet. She hand-crafted her own bridal veil of floor-length, single-tier ivory tulle on a beaded comb.

Her Allure gown was an ivory halter, lace-up-back dress with a fitted, pleated bodice that extended to the hip area, then flared out with a crinoline underneath that was ’50’s style with soft curly ruffles of purple that Tina hand sewed into the dress. There were many lace appliqués throughout the dress and across the large flowing train, with beading and crystals that shimmered as the light hit them.

After the cake was cut, Tina entertained Brad and her guests with a brilliant rendition of Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be”

The couple’s first dance as a married couple was “All of Me,” by John Legend.

What was the bride’s favorite thing about the day?

“I married Brad, of course! It is the beginning of our beautiful lives together and the continuation of our love story, blessed by God.”

The couple honeymooned for six days in Aruba.

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Hairstylist for wedding: Myself {Tina}
Make-up for wedding: I did my own makeup and kept it more of a natural look
Invitations/Stationery: I printed my own invitations
Music/Entertainment/Booking Agency
DJ Bob Keller – Amazing DJ, providing great entertainment and keeping people on the dance floor and entertained.
Clergy: Matt Barcalow, Forest Hill Church, Charlotte, NC
Ceremony location:The Loft on Front, Wilmington, NC
Caterers: Middle of the Island Catering
Rehearsal dinner: (Close friend and family gathering/celebration) Pilot House Restaurant
Rental providers (tents, linens, tables, chairs, photo booth, etc.):
Etc Party Rentals for tables. We purchased everything else
Wedding night hotel/inn: Hilton Riverside, Wilmington, NC
Bridesmaid luncheon location: My beautiful daughter, Hannah Wagner, was my maid of honor and only bridesmaid.
Specialty gifts/favors:
We took glass heart shaped ornaments and filled them with white snowy filler, then I painted LOVE on them and placed a purple ribbon with our name and wedding date.
Transportation provider: Best Man and wonderful friend, Dax Joyner

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Firethorne Country Club {Jon and Karen} Charlotte Wedding Photographer ~ Weddington United Methodist

A love of exotic beers led a romantic, autumn wedding proposal for Jonathan and Karen.

Karen is a nurse, and Jonathan serves in the U.S. Army as the Liaison for Wounded Warriors for the 82nd Airborne Division for both Walter Reed and Fort Belvoir Hospital. Karen also serves as an officer and nurse in the Army Reserves. (Which technically means he has to salute her.)

“We met at the Flying Saucer in Charlotte, North Carolina,” Karen said. “Both of us like to try new beers and we are members of the UFO Club, which revolves around trying not only local North Carolina beers, but also micro-breweries from across the United States and international beers.” What began as a spark soon grew into a mature love between kindred spirits. Jonathan knew he had met the woman he wanted to marry, and he planned their engagement weekend with military precision.

“Jon arranged a weekend that encompassed vacationing at Stone Mountain, Ga., where we attended the annual Scottish festival held at the lake,” Karen said. “We stayed at the resort on the lake and attended the festivities during the day and enjoyed local restaurants and the laser light show on one of the nights we were there. Our third day of the five-day trip we traveled to Helen, Georgia, which is a German town in the mountains of Georgia. Early in the morning, we boarded a hot air balloon and Jon proposed shortly after sunrise, with the fall leaves and mountains providing a backdrop. Jon had also brought a bottle of Moet Champagne which added to the event. We concluded the weekend by staying at a rustic hotel in Helen, and enjoying the German atmosphere of the quaint town.”

The couple decided to hold the wedding in Karen’s home town of Weddington. Karen was working as an oncology nurse in Alabama, and Jon worked in Virginia, so the couple orchestrated the wedding and reception from afar with the help of Karen’s mother.

“We both traveled to Charlotte to pick the location for the reception at Firethorne Country Club,” Karen said. “We had our engagement pictures taken in downtown Matthews, where midway through the pictures the sky opened up and a snow storm graced our photo shoot.”

Karen and her mother worked together to coordinate the floral arrangements, reception menus, dress selections for the bride and bridesmaids, places to lodge out-of-town guests, and how to set up the Methodist Church in Weddington.

“Our ceremony was unique in that we had a slide show playing with pictures from babyhood to modern-day photographs of us and our families while our guests were seated prior to the ceremony. During the ceremony we chose to give communion to those attending as one of our first acts as a married couple.”

The couple deliberated quite a while over where to go for their honeymoon. They thought about going on a cruise, and also looked into venturing to Ireland and Scotland, but nothing seemed to mesh with their schedules. Then, one of Jon’s friends suggested Belize, and Jon did some research. The result was a fabulous, five-night tropical stay deep within the jungles of Belize. Jon and Karen stayed at a resort that specialized in adventure trips while being pampered in a lovely setting amidst all of the flora and fauna of central Belize.

“During the day we ventured on excursions such as exploring Mayan ruins, tubing through caves, climbing and jumping off of subterranean waterfalls, zip-lining through the jungle canopy and viewing the native animals at the Belize national zoo,” Karen said. “In the evening, we sat on the veranda of the resort and enjoyed the local rum punch and beer as we feasted on ever-changing meals prepared by the resort chef and his staff.”

When asked what their favorite memories were of their wedding day, the answers were many: Jon found Karen absolutely radiant in her dress; he thought she brightened the entire sanctuary. Karen was dazzled at the site of her bridegroom awaiting her at the altar, poised in his dress uniform.

“The ceremony was simple, yet elegant, and the congregation was all smiles mingled with the periodic tear,” Karen said. “The reception was amazing, revolving around the dining and socializing, with events such as the cake-cutting and the bouquet toss. All in all, an amazing day in which we were joined as man and wife!”

Oh, one more thing…. Karen and Jon, thank you for your service… it was an honor!

Click On the center of the photo below to see the “mini-movie” Slide Show!

Photography: Chuck Eaton and John W, Adkisson of Chuck Eaton Photographers
Cake: Ella’s Celestial Cakes 804-229-1194
Wedding consultants/planners: Renee Galinski with The Bride’s Helper 704-219-0446
Flowers: The Petal Shoppe of Monroe 704-289-2780
Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal
Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse. Groom and Best Man (Father of Groom) wore Military Dress uniforms
Engagement ring: Single Solitaire with a twisted band
Designer: Created by Roy at Williamsburg Jewelers 757 229 7812
Wedding rings: White and Yellow Gold ring
Designer: Groom’s ring was purchased at Kay Jewelers while Karen had a unique creation by Roy at Williamsburg Jewelers to match her engagement ring 757 229 7812
Hairstylist for wedding: Friend of the Bride, Teresa Hall
Make-up for wedding: Sister of the Bride, Jennifer Land
Invitations/Stationery: Ordered from Inivationsbydawn.com
Music/Entertainment/Booking Agency: Trey Perry with Audio to Go
Clergy: Rev. Dr. Terry Moore Senior Pastor from Weddington United Methodist Church
Ceremony location: Weddington United Methodist Church
Caterers: Firethorne Country Club catered Reception
Ella’s Celestial Cakes catered Rehearsal dinner
Reception location: Firethorne Country Club

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Rock Hill Wedding {Jennifer and Scott} ~ Charlotte Wedding Photographer

When Scott made an office key for his new employee, Jennifer, she had no idea it would one day be the key to his heart.
And while love might not always run swiftly or smoothly, it always runs true. Few people know this better than Jennifer, a dental hygienist, and Scott, an optometrist in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
“We met in 1991, when Scott was newly out of optometry school,” Jennifer said. In addition to being beautiful, Jennifer has a formidable work ethic. While she was attending dental hygiene school, she also took a job as Scott’s part-time assistant in his growing medical practice.
“Since his practice was new, there was some down-time occasionally,” Jennifer said. “There was the opportunity for the two of us to order pizza and listen to The Fox (99.7 classic rock radio,) and have conversations ranging from music to religion. We became friends as well as employer/employee.”
Jennifer enjoyed being friends with Scott, but she fell in love with someone else. After she completed dental hygiene school, she married the man she loved and moved to Nashville, Tennessee.
Jennifer and Scott then lost touch for twenty, long years. During that time, Jennifer gave birth to a lovely daughter, but unfortunately, her marriage did not work out. As the years passed, however, Jennifer never had any idea how deeply she had impressed Scott. While Scott and Jennifer were no longer a part of each other’s lives, Scott still cared for her as a friend. He kept Jennifer’s office key as a memento, even after the locks to the office were changed.
“We didn’t know that this would be a talisman of things to come two decades later,” Jennifer said.
When the two ended up working in the same city, Scott was determined not to let Jennifer slip away again. They began dating. It wasn’t too long before Scott was planning a dream wedding proposal, complete with an engagement ring he had custom-designed in Italy.
He told Jennifer he wanted to take her to New York City for Christmas, which was Jennifer’s first trip to the Big Apple.
“Our first night there, we walked to the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center,” Jennifer said. She was overwhelmed by the tree, the skating rink and all the sparkling lights. Scott tried twice to propose, but an unsuspecting Jennifer shushed him twice while she marveled at the Christmas glamor of New York City.
Finally, Scott grabbed Jennifer by the shoulders and forced her to look at him. He promised to love her and her daughter and take care of them. He pulled out the ring, but Jennifer didn’t even look at it. She cried “Yes, yes, yes!
“We then spent the rest of the weekend in New York City, seeing plays and having wonderful meals in Little Italy and Soho,” Jennifer said. “What a memorable and romantic proposal!”
When asked what made her wedding unique, Jennifer asked with a laugh “Besides the rain?” (Their wedding was held outdoors at a friend’s private farm.)
Scott and his friends built an arbor that was custom-designed to hold a stained glass mandala called The Portal. The couple had bought the stunning centerpiece at Selena Art and Glass, an art gallery in Burnsville, N.C.
“We then had pews brought in, so our ceremony looked as though it were being held in an outdoor chapel; very unique, very spiritual and very natural,” Jennifer said.
Since Scott had kept Jennifer’s key for 20 years, a key theme was interwoven throughout their wedding ceremony.
“We had a subtle key theme — on our invitations, on our signs about the property, the tags for seating assignments were on antique keys and our wedding favors were antique-looking keys that were bottle openers.”
The couple also added tasteful touches of Italy to their wedding. Since their first European trip was to Italy, all of the tables were named after Italian cities. For their honeymoon, Scott and Jennifer plan to spend a week in Florence, Italy, where Jennifer’s ring was custom-made.
What was the best thing about their wedding day?
“Having our friends from all over the country with us to share our joy while we held hands and said our vows that we had written ourselves!” Jennifer said.

Photography by: Chuck Eaton and Jason E. Miczek
Wedding consultants/planners: Ribald Farms and Nursery, Rock Hill, SC
Cake: Wow Factor Cakes,
Flowers: Ribald Farms and Nursery, Rock Hill, SC
Groom’s cake: The Secret Chocolatier
Gown, Shoes and Veil: Poffie Girls
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Poffie Girls
Tuxedos: J. Hillburn custom suit
Engagement and wedding ring: Designer: Gelin Abaci
Wedding rings: Diamonds Direct
Hairstylist and make-up for portrait and wedding: Kathy McNeish, Natural Brides
Invitations/Stationery: Olive Paper, Debra Hall
Music/Entertainment/Booking Agency: Split Second Sound
Portrait Location: The Venue Natural, Rock Hill, SC
Clergy: Miriam Mick
Ceremony location: The Venue Natural, Rock Hill, SC
Caterers: Carpe Diem Restaurant and Catering
Reception location: The Venue Natural, Rock Hill SC
Rehearsal dinner: Rock Hill City Club
Rental providers (tents, linens, tables, chairs, photo booth, etc.): Ribald Farms and Nursery, Rock Hill, SC
Bachelorette party location/activity: Howl At The Moon, Charlotte, NC and Whiskey River (mechanical bull riding) Charlotte NC
Specialty gifts/favors: The Secret Chocolatier
Transportation provider: Charlotte Limousine

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The Palmer House {Reita and Patrick} Gibbs Museum ~ Charleston Wedding Photographer


Meet the lovely and vivacious Reita.

She is an avid Gamecocks fan from Denver, Colorado, who manages technicians for Stanley Access Technologies.

While Reita has many interests outside her career, she loves sports. So, one evening, she decided to join some friends at a Colorado Avalanche hockey game.

In the same row, one section over, sat Patrick. Patrick is the Director of Trading Operations for a hedge fund based in Denver. (And as Reita said, is also extremely good-looking.) Patrick happened to be sitting with a mutual friend. By the end of the first period, the friend introduced Reita to Patrick.

Three months later, Reita and Patrick went on their first date at a wine bar. They chatted, laughed and learned about each other.

As Patrick gazed at Reita over the rim of his wineglass, he knew he had found something special. So special, in fact, that in the months to come, Patrick began mapping out proposal scenarios.

In addition to being a whiz with numbers, Patrick is a creative man with vivid imagination.

“Patrick originally had planned to propose underwater in St. Thomas on an underwater diving helmet tour,” Reita said, laughing. “When he realized that the helmets would probably fall off and we would then drown, he decided to try something else.

“A month later, he planned to propose on an Aspen ski slope, but an icy snow day thwarted his plans, so he took a knee in our room at the Ritz.”

The wedding planning began! They chose historic Charleston, S.C., as the place to exchange their vows.

“We had a small wedding by Southern standards, so it was very intimate,” Reita said. “Historical Charleston was an underlying theme, as the ceremony was at the Palmer House. We gave our guests one-hour carriage tours that also took them to the Gibbes Museum (our reception location) where they could view all of historical artwork that they learned about on the tour. Patrick also made a treasure map that took wedding guest children all around town to historical sites to find clues.”

What was the best thing about their wedding day? Reita has a ready answer.

“Aside from exchanging “I do’s,” having an A-team list of vendors who took ownership of every detail allowing us to be stress free and focus on each other,” she said.

Their honeymoon will be an adventurer’s paradise. The couple is heading for Africa. Reita and Patrick will go for game drives in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Chobe National Park and the Mala Mala Game Reserve. The couple also plans to visit the majestic Victoria Falls.

Cake: Ashley Bakery – Charleston, SC
Flowers: Tiger Lily – Charleston, SC
Gown: Blue Bridal – Denver Designer: Tara Keely by Lazaro
Shoes Designer: Vera Wang Lavender
Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal
Tuxedos: Groom – Custom
Blue Bridal – Denver Designer: Sara Gabriel
Engagement and wedding rings:
John Atencio
Wedding ring: Patrick –
Unique Settings of New York
Hair and makeup:
Jennifer Fernandez, Charleston Events Hair and Makeup
Wedding Paper Divas
Music/Entertainment/Booking Agency:
Classical Charleston for the Ceremony and Cocktail Hour, Woody Windham (Columbia, SC) for the Reception
Clergy: Rev. Michael Lowder
Ceremony location:
The Palmer House – Charleston, SC
Hamby Catering – Charleston, SC
Reception location:
The Gibbes Museum of Art – Charleston, SC
Rehearsal dinner:
McCrady’s – Charleston, SC
Rental providers:
Snyder Rentals – Charleston, SC
Wedding night hotel/inn:
The Palmer House – Charleston, SC
Specialty gifts/favors: Credit card-sized bottle openers with our names and wedding date
Transportation provider:
Charleston Rickshaw, Charleston, SC;
Palmetto Carriage Tours, Charleston, SC
Wedding consultants/planners:
Cacky Williams, Cacky’s Bride Aid, Charleston, SC

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